Thingclash Updates Butt Plugs 101 – Top Facts You Would Love to Know

Butt Plugs 101 – Top Facts You Would Love to Know

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Butt plugs are toys for anal stimulation. Our anus houses a bunch of nerve endings and when stimulated, these nerve endings can take your big O-game to a whole new level. A butt plug is just the thing you need here. When inserted into the anus, the plug stimulates the anal nerve endings and sweeps you to an euphoric orgasm. If you are in the mood for some backdoor fun, you should certainly contemplate about butt plugs. The post below offers a brief on the top facts you need to know about butt plugs.

Butt plug design

Butt plugs generally come with a tear-drop or bulbous shaped plug head with a flared base. According to experts, you should always get a plug head that comes with tapered end. The tapered design makes insertion easier and painless.

The basic butt plug has a smooth head. But, you will also find plugs with wavy or ribbed patterns for extra stimulation. But, when you are just starting out, it’s better to start with the simple one. Once your body gets seasoned with it, you might shift to a wavy or ribbed one.

Types of butt plugs

Butt plugs come in a wide variety of styles.

Basic butt plug

As discussed above, a basic one is a plug with a smooth tapered end and a flared base. Sometimes, the base might just have a ring like structure so that you can pull out the plug easily after an amazing plug play session.

Ribbed butt plug

These butt plugs feature ribbed patterns that stimulate the anal muscles when they are nudged inside the anal area. If you are looking for an extra dose of stimulation with your butt plug, you might consider a plug with ribbed pattern.

Princess butt plugs

The most fashionable of all butt plugs, these plugs are gorgeous bejeweled toys. You will find them with a crystal or some other precious/semi-precious stone sitting pretty at the base of the plug. These are certainly the plugs for your special nights. Princess butt plugs are out favorite, and we get them only from lovegasm, because they offer a lot of choices.

Butt plug with tails

You will also find butt plug with animal tails to give wings to your pet play sessions. From cat tails to dog tails to horse tails, there is a wide variety to choose from here. Not only that, you will also find butt plugs with fox tails, raccoon tails or even bunny tails.

Vibrating butt plugs

These are like two-in-one butt plugs where you get the best of both the worlds- butt plug and vibrators. Vibrating butt plugs come with an in-built bullet vibrator inside that adds on an extra buzz to your O-game.

Remote-controlled butt plugs

As the name says, these butt plugs are controlled with remotes. Put simply, you will be able to operate these plugs remotely with a remote controller. Such butt plugs usually have a bullet vibrator inside and you can buzz it remotely with the help of remote control.  Some of the most advanced ones work in tandem with smartphone. One has to download the butt plug app in smartphone and then s/he can operate it from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of butt plugs

Butt plugs assure a number of amazing benefits. As mentioned previously, they help you to attain orgasm through powerful anal stimulation. Not only that, butt plugs help to stimulate the G-spot and clit in women to enamor them with double stimulation. It’s a great thing for women no doubt as they find it difficult to attain orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. One fantastic idea to achieve orgasm for women is to have vaginal sex with the butt plug playing its game at the backdoor.

Butt plugs are equally stimulating for men as well. In men, the toy helps to massage the male G-spot a.k.a. the prostate gland which results in bouts of strong orgasms. Besides, prostate massage comes with a number of amazing health benefits. It keeps your prostate healthy, prevents ED issues and also helps to attain a steady urine flow.

Materials used in butt plugs

Butt plugs are made from a wide variety of materials.

If you want something soft and comfortable, silicone should be your choice. Added to great comfort, silicone also assures a safe usage as its hypoallergenic and a body-safe material. Besides, it’s really easy to clean silicone butt plugs.

Other popular materials used in butt plugs are metal, stainless steel and glass. These hardy materials are excellent when you want to feel a solid girth and added weight at the backdoor. Akin to silicone, these materials are easy to clean as well. Most importantly, steel, metal and glass and temperature resistant and are fantastic for temperature play. But, if you are just starting out, it’s better to commence your plug journey with silicone. After your body gets seasoned with anal plugs, you might gradually move to harder materials.

You will also find butt plugs made from plastic or rubber or jelly. They are not easy to clean and hence it’s better to avoid them.

Tips on using and storing your butt plug

Always clean your butt plug before and after every use. You should also invest in a good quality lube when you are looking forward to an exciting plug play session. Unlike vagina, the anus cannot lubricate itself. Thus, it needs good amount of external lubrication when you have to insert butt plug. Lubrication would make the insertion smooth and also painless. You should lube up both the plug and the anal passage. Remember, chances are high that the plug won’t get inside at one go. But, you shouldn’t “force” it inside. You might have to go through a few attempts till you finally get to insert the toy properly. Every time you attempt to insert the toy, you must make sure to lube it up.

Always clean and dry the toy before you put it back inside your closet. If possible, get a separate pouch or bag for the toy for safe storage. Make sure to store the toy in  a cool and dry place.

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