Author: Simmons Cynthia

6 Reasons Why Protected Sex Is Hotter than Unprotected Sex

In a perfect world free from STIs and unwanted pregnancies, we’d be encouraged to engage in all the bareback sex our little parts could handle. Unfortunately, said world does not

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Curious about some stereotypical behavior you’ve noticed in your little one, or wondering what to expect if you’re expecting a son or daughter? It turns out that gender differences aren’t

8 Reasons Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars

Many car drivers – mostly those who’ve never been on a motorcycle – question why anybody would ever trade in four wheels for two. Those who saddle up know full

Summer vs. Winter: Which is Better?

Cold weather is much cooler (pun intended) than hot weather. First, let’s discuss sports. Maybe you can play more sports in the summer, but you can play almost all of